ULTRAFLEX 10 Connector mounting


Mounting of your connector on ULTRAFLEX 10 and protection by a heat-shrink sleeve including a thermoplastic resin (connector not included in the assembly price)


(€7.50 par connecteur monté)

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DX AVENUE takes care of assembling your connectors and protects them with a heat shrink sleeve including a thermoplastic resin. This combination ensures tear resistance, coaxial seal and connector, and cable reinforcement where it is usually stressed. The connectors, however, remain removable when needed (see also the note at the bottom of this description). Each assembly is professional quality and each string is rigorously tested.

The price corresponds to the assembly and sealing of one cable clamp connector (whatever the model) on ULTRAFLEX 10 coaxial cable. The connector is not included in the assembly price.

At the same time as the assembly, you must order separately the ULTRAFLEX 10 coaxial cable and the required CLAMP connectors.

WARNING ! We do not mount a "standard" PL259 connector (part number DX-PL259-5) on ULTRAFLEX 10 because we believe that the solder braid is unsuitable for this type of cable.

How it works ?
  • If you want only one connector to be mounted (at one end), order 1 assembly (quantity = 1).
  • If you want 2 connectors to be mounted (at each end), order 2 assemblies (quantity = 2).
  • If you want 4 connectors to be mounted (2 cables each equipped with 2 connectors), order 4 assemblies (quantity = 4).
  • etc.

After paying your order, do not hesitate to send us your comments. If any doubt remains, we will contact you before any assembly.

Sample message: I ordered 25 m of Ultraflex 10, four PL259 connectors, and two mounts. I want a 1 meter cord with a PL259 on each side. The rest (24 m and 2 connectors) is shipped unassembled.

Another example of message: I ordered 2 m of Ultraflex 10, two N connectors, two PL259 connectors and four mounts. I want a cord of 0.5 m with 2 PL259 mounted, and a cord of 1.50 m with 2 N plugs mounted.

WARNING ! Given their specific implementation, the cables equipped with connectors will not be taken back or exchanged (especially if you are wrong in the type of connectors or in the length of the cable), except for an error on our part or a manufacturing defect!

Note on sealing : For outdoor use (antenna, switch ...), plan to strengthen the tightness especially between the various connectors. Our self-vulcanizing tape and sealant are particularly suitable for this purpose. Don't overlook your connections... It would be a pity to gain a few dBs from an antenna and lose them through a defective connection or a poor quality patch lead!

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ULTRAFLEX 7 Connector mounting


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On order (72 hours)

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