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QSL F2DXDX Avenue is a French business specialising in insulated guying systems and other products intended for the installation of antennas and masts. Since 2012, DX Avenue is also manufacturer of DXBeam antennas.

Enjoying 30 years of professional experience in the telecommunications field, we benefit from a complete understanding of the items we sell.

The founder of DX Avenue has been a radio amateur for 35 years (callsign F2DX, ex TK5NN, FP5DX etc) passionate about the technical aspects in general and antennas in particular. He has at his DX Avenue base an installation consisting in particular of:

quarter wave vertical on 160m (1.8MHz)
4 phased quarter wave verticals (four square) on 80m (3.5MHz)
4 phased quarter wave verticals (four square) on 40m (7MHz)
A ground plane consisting of 12 km of radials
9 "Beverage" receiving antennas from 160 to 300m long
A 8 element DXBeam antenna on 30/17/12m (10/18/24 MHz)
A 4 element DXBeam antenna on 20m (14 MHz)
A 5 element DXBeam antenna on 15m (21 MHz)
A 5 element DXBeam antenna on 10m (28MHz)
A 9 element DXBeam antenna on 6m (50MHz)
A 7 element DXBeam antenna on 6m (50MHz)
A 3 element DXBeam "short boom" antenna on 40m (7 MHz)

DX AvenuePatrick, F2DX is also the founder and webmaster of the website RADIOAMATEUR.ORG which in 2011 celebrates 10 years of uninterrupted existance in the service of the French radio amateur community.

We strive continuously to make the descriptions on our DX Avenue website as detailed as possible. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information or for a personalised study of your requirements.

Telephone   From Monday to Friday from 2pm to 6pm French time (12.00 - 16.00 GMT)
  Tél. +33 9 77 75 96 54 (International) standard rate call charges
 fax   Fax +33 9 72 28 91 13 (International) standard rate call charges
Email   Email: Contact Form on our website
Courrier postal   Postal Address: DX Avenue - Lac Ferrier - 24420 Sorges (FRANCE)

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We despatch to worldwide destinations.

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