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Aluminium conductive bracket
  • Aluminium conductive bracket
  • Aluminium conductive bracket

Aluminium conductive bracket


Aluminium bracket and stainless steel hardware for radioelectric contacts

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Bracket in thick aluminium. Adjustable screw M6 in stainless steel provided to ensure a direct contact with any metal support. Threaded hole opposite the securing screw.


Examples of radioelectrical applications

• Loading (without drilling) a radiating mast or antenna

• Ground plane

• Earth stake

• Temporary earth

• Radioelectric experiments requiring curren

• Earthing of a connector

• Grounding of a chassis

• Equipotential earth bonding



• Bracket opening: 27 mm

• Bracket height: 53 mm

• Bracket width: 48 mm

• Bracket material: 11 mm thick aluminium

• bracket hardware: M6 stainless steel

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Ratings and comments from our customers

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très utile pour le montage d'antennes
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