Self guying kit for DXM2-12
  • Self guying kit for DXM2-12
  • Self guying kit for DXM2-12

Self guying kit for DXM2-12


Self guying kit for DXBeam 12 el. 2m Yagi DXM2-12.

Made to order (with your DXBeam antenna)

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12 el. 2m DXBeam antenna (DXM2-12) is supplied with two guys in polyester (longevity > 25 years), quick fastening system and guy clamp that is fixed to the mast (about 70 cm above the antenna).

This self guying kit allows you to place the DXBeam DXM2-12 at the top of mast (regardless of the height required for guying). It also allows the guying of the boom to the ground (easier), and install the antenna without adjust the guys when antenna is up.

In addition, this kit does not interfere with fixing of the antenna along the mast, however if you want to install it as well (eg, between two existing directive antennas).

The self guying kit includes a square tube 70 cm long, with a ring in stainless steel and hardware necessary for its attachment to the plate of the antenna. During its manufacture, the antenna/mast plate is drilled to allow the fixing of the square tube.

To order this kit, simply select the option when requesting DXBeam antenna quote.

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