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Thick Heat shrink tubing 56 to 17 mm X 20 cm

Thick heat shrink sleeves, 20 cm long. Use diameter 56 to 17 mm (shrink ratio 3:1). Interior covered in a thermoplastic resin. Ideal for aerial self repair.

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Thick heat shrink sleeve containing a completely thermoplastic covered interior surface.

On heating, the diameter of the sleeve reduces by 3:1, and the interior resin melts. On cooling, the sleeve and the resin harden. This combination guarantees resistance to pullout and a perfect waterproofing for your connections, the whole preventing a sleeve from slipping. In the case of a connector mounted on a cable (coaxial for example), this sleeving ensures a reinforcement at the place where the cable is generally subject to stress when the radius of the curve is low (see photo above) or the cable is suspended.


• Length: 20 cm

• Actual internal diameter: 56 mm

• Shrink diameter : 56 to 17 mm

• Shrink ratio: 3:1

• Wall thickness: 2.9 mm

• Temperature range: -55°C to +110°C

• Resistant to UV and corrosion: Yes

• Adhesive thermoplastic covering: Yes (over the whole interior surface)

• Dielectric resistance IEC 243: >20KV/mm

Notes and Suggestions from DX AVENUE

• To shrink this sleeve, use a classic hot air gun (heat stripper) which can be found at a reasonable price in store.

• This high diameter sleeve is ideal for aerial self repair. We use it to cover the 40m and 30m coils on DXBeam antennas that we produce (see photo above).

• To remove a sleeve, use a Stanley knife to cut it along its length (delicately if it covering a cable). The resin can be removed with thinners (white spirit, acetone...). However, if from the outset your connection is intended to be able to be removed, use instead a self amalgamating ribbon or waterproof mastic of the type we also sell.  The heatshrink sleeve is primarily intended for a permanent installation.