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Self-amalgamating tape

Self amalgamating tape (length 10m) to waterproof, insulate and protect against damp and rust. Very high resistance to water and ozone as well as high voltages.

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Waterproofs, insulates, protects against humidity and the formation of rust. Resistant to high voltages and becomes a homogenous mass by stretching and wrapping without the need for glue or pressure. Very good resistance to water ingress and to ozone (anti-UV). Completely compatible with our electric waterproofing mastic. It can be removed easily with the use of a cutter.

Examples of radioelectrical applications

• Repair and protection of electrical and coaxial cables

• Waterproofing of a plug or coaxial connection

• Waterproofing of connections

• Protection against corrosion of metal tubes

• Apart from radioelectrical use, this self-amalgamaing tape can also be used  to repair pipes for hydraulics or watering, radiator hoses and to protect the handles of tools... Its an indespensable for every toolbox.

Usae and some suggestions from DX Avenue

• Self-amalgamating tape is applied like traditional electrical tape with the difference that it does not stick to the item covered.

• Cut to the length desired and remove the protective strip, stretch the tape to 50% of its length and apply it by rolling around the item to be covered overlapping each turn by about half of its width.

• For permanent applications,and taking account of the good length available on a roll (10m) don’t hesitate to cover in both directions in order to make a perfect double layer covering. The protection will be even stronger.

• For confined spaces (coaxial connections for a commutator for example), the roll will probably not pass between the cables.  Cut a length of about 15cm for each connecter and remove the protective strip and stretch the tape by approximately a further 50%.

• Total vulcanisation is effected after 24 hours at 20*C this time scale is reduced if the temperature is higher.  Below 0*C keep the roll in your pocket before applying in order to be able to apply it more easily.

• For an extended life it is possible to cover it with PVC electrical tape as in the two types we sell.

• After use allow about 1cm of the protective strip to project in order to facilitate the next time of using.  Store flat indoors.

• To remove it pemanently cu it with an ordinary cutter. The item covered will be intact and without glue (See the photo).


• Length: 10m

• Width: 19mm

• Thickness: 0.5mm

• Colour: black

• Packaging: individual (cellophane)

• Dielectric rigidity: 42kV/mm

• Volumetric resistance: 1,5 x 10 to the power of 13 Ohms/mètre

• Working temperature: -40 to +90°C

• Stretching before breaking: 900%

• Manufacturer: Scapa Barnier


This type of product is also found in the building trades (particularly plumbing) or in DIY shops, but its specifications are not absolutely guaranted for use in high voltage or RF situations. Moreover, it is very difficult to find the technical specifications and it is often the case that the name of the manufacturer is not given.

Having used it for more than 30 years in the field of professional and radio amateur radio electrics, DX Avenue has quite naturally chosen this exact product.