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Open base for vertical antenna or mast

Base intended for the tilting erection of a vertical antenna or a tubular mast of large diameter.

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Unlike our monobloc base, this model consists of 2 open pieces thus allowing adaptation to all diameters.  It is therefore primarily used when the tube to tilt has a diameter greater than 50 mm.

This two piece base is made in thick highly resistant aluminium (see description below).  It has 6.5 cm high slotted supports to allow an additional height adjustment with the aid of the two supplied 6 mm thick, ribbed braces (see photos).  The openings (3cm long slots) for the 4 fixing holes allow the adjustment of the spacing without having to re-drill the support.


Spindles of 10mm diameter can be made with threaded bar or a large bolt (stainless is advisable). If, however, you do not have what is needed to make it, there is that option available in this catalogue.



• Two identical parts

• Length: 6.8 cm

• Width: 9 cm

• Height: 12 cm

• Thickness: 7 mm

• 2 clamping braces supplied (6 mm thick)

• Stainless hardware supplied to attach to the base to a plate: 4 x 10mm x 25mm long nuts + bolts + lock washers


DX AVENUE Hints and Tips

Experience has shown that the erection of a vertical antenna is very much easier when it can be tilted whilst being held by its base.  This theory is even more true when it concerns vertical antennas (or tubular masts) of large size as, for example, a quarter wave for 7Mhz (10.5 m) or 3.5Mhz (21m).

For adjustment and maintenance, it is enough to lightly loosen the spindle at the base and release a spread of the guys in order to be able to tilt the antenna (or mast) gently.