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Conductive bracket with cable

Stainless steel bracket and hardware for radioelectric contacts, equipped with 1.5m cable with 2 terminals and hardware.

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bracket entirely in stainless steel. Adjustable screw (with lock nut) provided with a notched washer to ensure a direct contact with any metal support.  Additional screw for the attachment of a terminal, a plait, a cable etc.  Threaded hole opposite the securing screw. Equipped with a 1.5m cable with 2 terminals and hardware.

Examples of radioelectrical applications

• Loading (without drilling) a radiating mast or antenna

• Ground plane

• Earth stake

• Temporary earth

• Radioelectric experiments requiring curren

• Earthing of a connector

• Grounding of a chassis

• Equipotential earth bonding


• Bracket opening: 30 mm

• Useable opening (with crimp washer): 26 mm

• Bracket height: 32 mm

• Bracket width: 24 mm

• Bracket material: 4 mm thick stainless steel

• Bracket hardware: M8 stainless steel

• Length of cable: 1.5 m

• Free end of cable: Terminal and hardware in M5 stainless steel