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No.3 Guying Kit for HF Beam or Quad

Complete insulating guying kit for the boom of medium sized directional antennas (length of boom and/or span of the elements). Stainless steel accessories (marine quality).

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Because a directional antenna is often inaccessible, and the boom is subject to extreme forces, especially from high winds, the guying should not be neglected.

This model No. 3 is designed for medium sized directional antennas (length of boom and/or span of the elements). In manufacturing DXBeam antennas, we use eg on our 5 el. 15m Yagi (9m boom) and on the 7 el. 10m Yagi (12m boom).

Deltex 5mm insulated cable is the same as that which we sell for the guying of small lattice masts (see the detailed characteristics). It is characterised by very slight stretching under tension, complete elastic memory, excellent performance under climatic conditions (water,sun,ice), high breaking strain, very good RF insulation, light weight, and a lifespan of more than 40 years!

Composition of the Kit

• 2 tensioner M8 in Stainless steel 316 (marine quality)

• 8 wire clamps M5 in Stainless steel 316 (marine quality)

• 4 Rope thimble 6mm in Stainless steel 316 (marine quality)

• The length of 5mm insulated cable suitable to guy the whole of the boom of your antenna (2 sides).

DX Avenue Advice

• Measure and/or calculate the length of the guys intended for the guying of the boom.We suggest you add a small margin in case of error in calculation.

• If the vertical tube which supports your antenna is sufficiently long,do not hesitate to move the attachments for the guys downward. An attachment which is too close to the antenna has a tendancy to pull the boom from the horizontal rather than support it.


• If your antenna is double guyed (2 guys on each side instead of one) order 2 kits of the same length (at the same time) and benefit automatically from a 10% reduction on the total price.

• IMPORTANT ! In respect of specific lengths which have been cut to order, no item can be returned. It is therefore incumbent on you to to calculate precisely the lengths of your guys and to verify you calculations in order to avoid errors.

Do not hesitate to contact us especially if the stock lengths do not suit your antenna guying requirements. Together we can study your project.