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CU1 Connecter for 7.5mm guy lines

Secure and rapid clamp intended for 7.5mm Deltex cable for guying of lattice masts. Replaces cable clamps, thimble terminals and tensioners.

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This rapid attachment system is intended for 7.5mm Deltex line sold by DX Avenue for the guying of lattice masts. Made in a highly resistant composite material not sensitive to climatic variations. It is equpped with a very long U in bichromate steel. It has a triple function as it replaces the cable clamps (a minimum of 3), the thimble terminal, and the tensioner.

The cable is gripped by a 6cm long metal olive which is pulled into the CU1 Connecter. As the threaded U is demountable it can be readily placed at the anchorage point (without the addition of a shackle) also around the corner of a traditional mast.

By placing a CU1 Connecter at each end of the guy, additional tension adjustment will also be available from the mast by means of a simple 16mm key. Also there is no risk of rubbing wear since the cable will not be in contact with the mast.


• Length of the body: 80 mm

• Length of the U: 160 mm

• Diameter of the U: 9 mm

• Length of thread: 100 mm

• Usable length (interior of the U): 45 mm

• Nuts: M10

Usage (assemby)

• DX Avenue has provided an explanatory notice containing many photographs. It is available by clicking on the tab "DOCUMENTATION" above. You will see how easy and quick it is to assemble a CU1 Connecter.

• A striking tool is also available (and advisable) to secure connections.

Comments and advice from DX Avenue

• It is possible to provide the anchorage points with a small length of soldered chain to give a larger margin of manoeuvre for the adjustment of the guys.

• If necessary,a traditional tensioner M12 or M14 can also be added between the anchorage point and the CU1 Connecter.