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Quick clamp for guy lines (2.6 and 3mm)

The Gripple® hanger is the quickest system for putting in place guying for vertical or wire antennas with 2.6 or 3mm monofilament.

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The Gripple® hanger is made from a metal alloy which has maximum  resistance to corrosion. It has two independent channels, each with its own locking mechanism. Locking is achieved by by means of a stainless steel spring and a ceramic roller crimp which is free to move in the direction of insertion of the line and locks the line firmly in the opposite direction. This concept guarantees that locking tension is always applied to the line.

The Gripple® hanger is the quickest system for putting in place guying for vertical or wire antennas with our 2.6 or 3mm monofilament lines.  The tension of the guying can be regulated very easily without tools if necessary (guy too tightly stretched) or to remove the hanger without having to cut the line.  A small hole above each channel allows the insertion of a small point to release the line.Thus the clamp  and the guy are reusable almost indefinitely.

The system can also be used easily for joining lines (repairing or joining 2 lines).


• Diameter of line: 2 to 3.25 mm

• Maximum load: 400 daN (kgF)

DX Avenue advice

• Always allow the clamp to pass at less 15cm from the end of the line in order to be able release the guys later.

• At the anchorage points, in the absence of a thimble terminal, avoid making too tight a loop so that you can adjust the guys more easily.

• To remove the clamp (or release the line) insert a stiff wire (such as a small nail with point removed) and with the help of flat pliers, if necessary, to push on the wire.
Adjustment Key from Gripple® (sold separately) is particularly suitable and can quickly unlock the clamps.

• To erect a vertical antenna, as it less easy to release the guys, stretch them lightly and progressively one after the other to balance them.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions. We can look at your project together.