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Je recommande ce vendeur, super cable coax , j' ai demandé des pl soudés d' un coté , travail super propre et rapide...
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PL-259 Clamp connector for 5-6mm coaxial

PL-259 connector (UHF) without soldering the ground contact (assembly as with an N type connector - Sherlock system), for flexible coaxial cables from 5 to 6mm. Gold plated centre pin and Teflon (PTFE) insulation.

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PL259 mâle 50Ω connector for flexible coaxial cables from 5 to 6mm :

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• Gold plated centre pin and Teflon (PTFE) insulation. Internal ring (gland) in silicon.

• Ground contact by Sherlock system: The most convenient, fast and effective Mounting (see photos on PL259 Clamp connector for 10-11mm mounting instructions which is similar to this one).

• This connector has two washers. The second, placed before the screw part, is important because it prevents the silicone compression sleeve from twisting during tightening. Many connectors on the market do not.