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Dual bander


To achieve maximum efficiency, the dual-band DXBeam antennas are trapless using full-size elements interlaced on a single boom to cover 20 through 10 meters. On the 40 or 30 meter dual-band models, shortened elements with high-Q loading coils are used to reduce the overall antenna length. The entire coil assembly is weather-protected by thick heat-shrink sleeve containing a completely thermoplastic covered interior surface.

The antenna feed point consists of two screws allowing direct 50-ohm coaxial cable connection. However, it would be preferable to feed the antenna through a balun. (see F.A.Q).

Not only were all the computer-optimized DXBeam antennas mounted on the tower in order to check VSWR & bandwidth but they were also tested on the air for several days for both their reception (directivity, F/B ratio) and transmission (DX, pile-up breaking) characteristics.

For fast and easy assembly, DXBeam antennas are preassembled and all tube sections are marked with color coded tape. Antennas are packaged in 2 meter long cardboard boxes. Illustrated instruction (French or English) and dimension sheets are included.

All hardware used by DXBeam are Inox (stainless steel). The center element sections are preassembled on the mounting plates using the black insulated clamps shown in picture. With the exception of radiators using a beta-match, all elements are electrically isolated from the boom.
DXBeam adjusts fixing of the antenna to the mast diameter used at the output of your rotator. 3 sizes are available at no extra cost: 50, 55 or 60 mm.

The elements and supporting boom have been manufactured from 6060-T5 aluminum alloy. DXBeam antennas are delivered with two types of contact grease: High content aluminium grease aluminium principally intended for the assembly of aluminium tube antennas avoiding binding and corrosion, and Copper conducting grease suitable for the assembly of antennas hardware requiring electrical continuity as stainless steel mounted on aluminum.

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